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The INSTRAN online analyzer is the best solution to measure and control different physical and chemical parameters in aqueous solutions, such as drinking water or wastewater, facilitating the control of the configured parameter, automating plant processes and achieving system optimization.

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  • Accuracy

    Accuracy, repeatability and reliability
  • Low maintenance

    Low maintenance required due to Instran design
  • Autonomy

    Low consumption of reagents to increase autonomy
  • Robustness

    Robustness thanks to spares are manufactured by the best materials
  • Adaptable

    Auto-cleanings available to adapt the analyzer to waste water samples
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What is Instran®?

INSTRAN ® is an online analyzer to measure different chemical and physical parameters in aqueous solutions, such as drinking water and waste water, which allows to control automatically the development of the parameter configured to make easier its control.

Reduces the operational cost

INSTRAN ® is designed with the best and more resistant materials against aggressive chemical reagents as hydrochloric acid, caustic soda, etc. used to perform chemical reactions. Its optimal design, by experts with more than 30 years of experience on the field of online analysis and water quality, protects the critical mechanical spares, prolonging the shelf-life of them, and subsequently, the analyzer shelf-life too. It also implies that the analyzer maintenance is reduced. At the same time, the size and design of the reaction cell, reduces the consumption of reagents without it could affect the sensitive and accuracy of the measurement. All these features reduces the operational cost, which sometimes is extremely higher than the main analyzer price.

Accuracy up to 0.015ml drop

The exceptional and innovative dose system used by INSTRAN permits an accuracy up to 0.015ml drop, solving one of the critical parameters in online analysis and eliminating at all the several inconveniences created by the common peristaltic pumps.

Unique versatility

Instrumentación Analitica SA wrote and manages the analyzer software. It makes possible that the analyzer can be adapted to unusual sample conditions and difficult applications, according to customer needs. Thanks also to IA engineers high knowledge and suggestions, provides a unique versatility to the client.

All these features makes INSTRAN ® provides a very accurate and reliable result, being the best available option in the market to control water quality.


Environmental conditions0ºC to 45ºC
PowerInput: AC 100-240 V — 50 Hz
Max. power: 288 W
Set upSteel frame
IP66 enclosure
SizeSteel frame: 65x40x15 cm
IP66 enclosure: 75x55x30 cm
User interfaceKeypad with 4 keys and 4 indication LEDs
LanguagesEnglish, Spanish
Communications4-20 mA signal
RS-485 communication
Relays4 Relays (24V), assigned by user
Diagnostic menuSelf-evaluation of analyzer status
CalibrationManual or automatic
AnalysisManual or automatic
CleaningsScheduled cleanings before and after each analysis with sample, DIW or specific solution
Analysis correctionsTemperature correction
Blank correction
LED current correction
Dose systemSyringe driven by step by step motor. 
Accuracy: 0.015 ml
Fluid systemLoop to protect the syringe
Valves made of Kalrez®
High resistance tubing (Tygon 2375)
Complete system without fittings
Reaction VesselLow volume glass vessel (17ml)
Automatic system to prevent overflow
Special design to make drain easier
Fluid systemInlet: 6 mm tub
Outlet: 8 mm tub
Fast loop inlet
Sample level detector
Anti-overflow system
Manual valve to drain while manual cleaning


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About Us

Since Instrumentación Analítica S.A. was established in 1980, one of the biggest challenge has been to manufacture own analyzers.
At 80’s, Instrumentación Analítica was capable to develop our own laboratory equipment.

During 90’s, our multiple customers requested to spread out through different applications and analyzers, being Instrumentacion Analitica capable of adapting to the circumstances and demanding.

At the end of 2009, thanks to the experience of the owners and service team, with almost 30 years on activities, maintenances and knowledge provided by all the brands that Instrumentacion Analitica had distributed since the beginning, the ambitious project to develop and manufacturer an online analyzer started: INSTRAN was born.

Currently, more almost 15 years later, we are proud to say that Instrumentacion Analitica manufactures and distribute along the world, in cooperation with the best local companies, an analyzer that thanks to its accuracy, trustworthiness and service provided has achieved a significant reputation worldwide.

We have made Instran® an online analyzer with high analytical accuracy and low power consumption. Its advanced technology allows high accuracy in the operation with minimal consumption of reagents, thus reducing the environmental impact.
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